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Silicon carbide roller stick structure use

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Weifang Bright Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. has a special opinion on the use of silicon carbide roll bar structure
    In order to meet the market demand, Zibo Kai Cheung silicon carbide has been upgraded and upgraded to the original pressed machinery and equipment. The raw materials and ingredients have been comprehensively and thoroughly developed. Compact enhanced high-temperature silicon carbide roller rod, the Pan Bo users use that section of the plate has a good thermal stability, high temperature high softening point load, compression strength and high temperature anti-flexing are reached Taiwan and foreign imports of board forward Seniors level. Therefore, the establishment of logistics information technology first of all, do a good job of standardization of two basic j. Research pulse system is connected with the proportion of low nox emissions of heat storage, oxygen-rich combustion technology; research burning (spray) nozzle array of the best way; through the multipoint thermometer, temperature sensors and controllers and other intelligence Instrument, the use of cfd software, kiln temperature, pressure, air and other thermal parameters of the test, simulation, analysis and control; use of computer simulation and other technology to optimize the selection of kiln and kiln body structure design, Belt geometry, process parameters and insulation, insulation material selection and quality control; research kiln waste heat application, to achieve the best kiln waste heat to take over.
    4 ~ is responsible for submitting the formula of oxide-linked silicon carbide roll bar, production process, and raw material specifications. 2500 yuan / month The company is located in White Rabbit Town Tin Sum Village. It is necessary to become the main policy direction for the macro regulation and control of macroeconomic conditions. Although the current high imitation can do gourd painting scoop, but he absolutely can not draw the kind of Yuan Yun charm. As the main body of human capital development, education can be divided into two aspects: academic education and vocational education. They each have their own form.
    In addition, excessive iron impurities not only damage the silicon carbide roll bar, but also contaminate the product. Nitrogen gas was prepared under the influence of temperature and additive on the crystallization conversion. R & D and manufacturing CNC rolling, isostatic pressing machine, and high-pressure automatic grouting machine, as well as supporting the automatic repair blanks, grinding blanks, pick the machine, automatic glazing, glazing machine and so on. 11-. Many ceramic companies only know that to do the product rather than face to do brand and cultivate the operation of the brand, brand influence is very weak, corporate reputation is not high. r4 and pre-cut guide WISCO project RBI site guidance installation and commissioning.
    At the moment, the silicon carbide roll bar next to it has excellent thermal conductivity and has become the ideal kiln for the kiln used in building sanitary ceramics. Some color rich, there are radial dispersion; See blue and black crystal point or crystalline line, should be coarse material due to coarse particles. Full production when using automatic retractable line body, to ensure that the core force average. Company demand can use semi-continuous casting technology production Diameter ф1500mm (ф2000mm best, single 25 tons or more) section ingot, is willing to cooperate with the research institutes and universities to develop. Promotion of non-burning box past, fired building health enamel products, many companies use the sagger burning products, because the saggar own weight is several times larger than the product, and its poor thermal conductivity, Slow heat transfer, heat absorption and heat dissipation. Scientific research for new product development investment is not high, the lack of technology and product design talent, weak power, self-reliance design awareness is not strong, contentment in the simulation and improvement, resulting in many companies producing different products, resulting in malignant Competition; slow progress in equipment and technology, information technology, automation, intelligence is still at a low level. ~ Flexural strength / '~ ~ fracture toughness / Ni' ~ ~ ~ ~ elastic modulus / ~ thermal shock resistance / powder and ceramic crystal structure has three invariant crystal form, were hexagonal Cube and cube
    At the moment, the silicon carbide roll bar next to it has excellent thermal conductivity and has become the ideal kiln for the kiln used in building sanitary ceramics.
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