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Silicon carbide roller stick out of the "gold"

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Weifang Bright Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. has a special opinion on the "gold" coming out of silicon carbide roll bar
    And because of some extraordinary aspects of the application of foreign manufacturers of silicon carbide to China embargo, and silicon carbide crystal technology giant huge barrier has led to China's domestic so far still no enterprise to produce, therefore, the domestic market seriously over for. Conference Group Contact Method: Address: Chengdu Pianqin West Road, Piano Gymnastics Building 701, 7th Floor, 701 Zip Code: 610031 Contact: Guo Pingbo: 13541359666 Chen: 15719458188 Guo Mingfang: 15719450056 Yang Jinglin: 15719450058 Yu Dan: 13458634131 Tel: 028-87789993 Fax : 028-87789993-808 (Note: micro-silica magnesium spinel). About Yili Meisite Silicon Carbide Products Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. It was established in 2005 and formally put into operation in January 2006.
    The end of each year silicon carbide manufacturers also seize the opportunity to stocking, started the visit mode, and deeply to the products companies to discuss the development of the market, although the effect is not very open hearty, but for the future to complete the foundation for a preliminary basic. Zhongjin Lingnan (000060): Zhongjinlingnan Notice The first half of 2011 revenue year-on-year increase. Rare tangible materials such as tantalum, niobium and beryllium have set up more than 20 production lines and become the premier supply base for rare metals and new materials in China. The ground along the line about 100% of the total length of the line, no hills and mountains exist. Easy to work hard and light Premise, the weather was gentle. Tantalum oxide and niobium oxide are the raw materials for tantalum and niobium artificial crystals: ta2o. First of all, an overview of the relevant semiconductor materials, the operation of China's semiconductor materials market, etc., followed by analysis of the status of China's semiconductor materials market growth, and then introduced the key areas of China's semiconductor materials market situation.
    1 Ping Qin Li State Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 60,000 tons of green silicon carbide production line project, planning electricity load. The market for mobile phones and laptops will add to the huge demand for silicon carbide. Low economic efficiency. Industry New Deal brings growth opportunities. Hui Yulun's words even more intriguing: "I am looking at sunny days of thermal power, its silicon carbide and other items at this scene is very good, you do not count the days of heat and electricity as a thermoelectric power company, only from the thermal point of view, this company can not support Such a high price-earnings ratio. Company focus RBI has many years of production of silicon carbide RBI, technology research and development, equipment maintenance and other aspects of experience, after years of research and development and innovation, the company in silicon wafer cutting material and silicon carbide carefully Ceramic products development and production technology has the focus of craft advantages, production processes and product quality to achieve the leading level of similar products. Monitoring frequency monitoring every point every day, every time not beautiful measuring time ≥ 15s, a total of 1 day.
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